Week 5 Assignment different types of credible sources, art & design homework help

Week 5 Assignment: Create a document in Microsoft Word that is formatted as an annotated bibliography. On the document:

State the format style you are using: Chicago, APA, MLA, or Bluebook.

The annotated bibliography can easily be built from the source search worksheet used in week 3 of this course and additional sources you have selected.

List at least four (4), different types of credible sources (not just four websites) you will use in your final career interest project.

Two (2) of these sources should be scholarly and from the APUS library.

Provide the essential information for each source including

author name(s)

title of the source

and other details required by your chosen citation style.

For each source, write an original paragraph of five to eight (5-8) sentences

summarizing the source information (annotations)

evaluating the sources and explaining why the source could be relevant to your project

Write the summary in your own words rather than providing a copy of the abstract.