Week 6 Discussion Where might the classmate be too wordy or not concise enough

read through your classmates’ “100-word About Me” entries and provide feedback to at least two classmates. Where might the classmate be too wordy or not concise enough? In what other ways might she/he look to incorporate keywords/phrases from the job announcements? How else might she/he think about establishing her/his brand? What else might you offer?

Each response to classmates should be around 100 words.

1.My name is Gregory Kazmierski and I am currently in my last two semesters at Saginaw Valley State University. During my time as a student and an athlete I have learned many things along the way, such as being able to succeed in two different lives, school and athletics. I also learned that a competitiveness to be the best, whether it be on the field or in the class room will get you a long way and can help you succeed. Finally, I have found how easy it can be to learn new skills with drive and motivation.

2.I am Siyi Qian and I am a business major student in SVSU. My major includes many classes, such as management, economics, marketing and finance. And I leaned many business skills and I believe these class will help me in my future career. Besides, I am good at the ability of presentation, and this skill is important in the workplace. And I interested in communication, and I hope this interests will help me in my future workplace. In addition, I have a strength of experience, I have more than two years work experience in the textile company in China and I believe this experience will help me to solve many problems in the future career.