What are the sources of personal ethics and ethical behavior, Philosophy homework help


Discuss the following points one by one:

1. Define ethnic and then morals and why they are not the same. Keep in mind that ethics are how you treat others while morals are values (bad or good) held personally or collectively. The “Golden Rule’ would help you answer this, as would ideas by Hegel and Heidegger discussed in class;

2. Explain what is the source of ethnics, and then the sources for morals. Explain why (by virtue of their source) ethics are universal, absolute and objective; while morals are general, relative and subjective. To do so, you must

You should NOT use any outside sources for the exams. Just the textbook and the suppl. readings and films I will send you

It should be in five pages long 1.5 which is double space (Five pages, 1.5)

Please answer the question one by one for example:

Define ethnic, ethnic is ,,,,,,,,

then molars is …….

I will post some articles that might help in these questions also a book , you only have to read the introduction of the book..

The examples that we have discussed in the class and I would like you to use as examples is raping, death penalty. Different between murderer and killer. And why killing is good and why is not .

As always simple structures and vocabulary.