What is four centuries of American Education

Four Centuries of American Education by David Barton the DVD, complete the Notes document. Provide at least 3 sentences for each section, except for the final section, which requires a complete, substantive paragraph.

“The philosophy of the ____________________ in one generation will be the philosophy of ____________________ of the next.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Early American Education




Early Educational Laws

1642 Old Deluder Satan act

1787 northwest ordinance

Early Educational Pioneers

Benjamin Rush

Noah Webster

The new England primer

Benjamin Franklin

Thomas Paine

Famous American Textbooks and Educators

McGuffey Readers

Emma Willard

Booker T. Washington

Daniel Webster

Measuring Results of Educational Philosophies

Martin Luther

SAT Scores, Literacy Rates, Academic Achievement, etc

Proven Elements of a Sound Education:1)



Comparing Interpretations of History

Compare and contrast the perspectives of the video and the Gutek textbook. How are they similar? How are they different? Which perspective do you think most accurately portrays this period of American education? Provide evidence for your statements.