What is the factor analysis, reliability and validity measures of the given dataset

complete a psychological assessment project consisting of two parts. First, you design an original testing instrument. Then, instead of gathering data on your own test, you are provided with a set of test data to analyze. You compile the description of your test and the results of your analysis of the provided dataset into a 3-pages single space APA Results Section report.

  • Your test construct, test specifications, and test items
  • Statistical analysis on dataset provided (MoneyData.sav, including analysis of factor analysis, classical statistics, and reliability and validity measures. Please provide references. I am trying to download the SPSS dataset so you can view and write the paper according to the professor’s suggestions. I am trying to get the data set to you but I do not know how. Maybe someone who is familiar with SPSS can better help me. Time is of the essence!!! I am trying to upload the data file you need to view construct so the text but if not can someone familiar with SPSS help PLEASE.
  • This is what the professor suggested “I like the overall idea of what you want to accomplish, it sounds like an interesting research project. The goal of the assignments in the class is to have you design an instrument that measures a construct. I think you have that part. What might be helpful is to think about what type of response scale you want to use and (right now you have Yes/No) and then see if you can design items so that they all have the same scale.
  • I am trying to download the SPSS data file but can somebody reach out to me by tomorrow so I can see how I CAN GET THEM THIS MONEYDATA.SAV DATA WHICH THE ASSIGNMENT IS BASED UPON. Please help if you can. Thanks and God bless