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Why Democracy is/is not the best form of government - Freshman Essays

Why Democracy is/is not the best form of government

The essay will be five to six pages (of text) in length, double-spaced, in a 12-point font. The title page and the bibliography are extra. Essays are to be submitted in Microsoft Word only.

Sources: The essay must be written using materials provided from the textbook, modules, and discussions. You may use LIMITED outside sources, but you are not required to do outside research. Nor is an essay written entirely using outside sources acceptable. The essay should be based primarily on the course materials.

Citations: You must use APA-style, in-text citations to the sources throughout the essay to demonstrate comprehension and assimilation of the course materials. You MUST cite the sources every time you take any material from them. See Writing Resources in Course Resources in the Content area for several sources on the APA style.

Format: An academic paper in social sciences has a format that is by now ell-established. You have an introduction, which offers the context for your paper and contains your thesis; evidence and analysis in support of your thesis as the main body, and a conclusion that restates your thesis and briefly explains how your analysis supports it. The analysis needs to consist of paragraphs organized around points.

Thesis: The essay needs an introduction that contains a clear thesis statement. There are several types of thesis statements. This assignment requires an explanatory thesis statement. An explanatory thesis statement is one that indicates your main argument and provides a focus to the essay. Posing a question or saying that “my essay will examine…..” are not thesis statements.

Analysis: The essay should be analytical in nature, meaning that you support your answer through analysis of your sources. Essays are not meant to be opinion pieces, but should be academic in style and written in the third person.

The main body of your paper would contain your evidence and analysis that supports your thesis. The key here is ferreting out what is relevant to your thesis, not necessarily what you think is interesting. Your goal here is to substantiate your thesis, which is your overall argument.

Conclusion: You need a conclusion at the end. The conclusion is not the place to write your opinions or something else that is interesting, but to explain how your analysis supports your thesis.

Rubric for Essay

Essay Rubric






Use of evidence


Analysis and reflection


Logic and main points








Thesis (10)

Your overall argument in the essay. It must be an explanatory statement, clear and focused.

Structure (20)

The structure of the paper is understandable and well organized. The transitions from point to point are smooth and effective.

Use of evidence (20)

The writer makes use of class readings and/or lectures in providing examples, and shows good understanding of the material.

Analysis and reflection (15)

Evidence is integrated into paragraphs to support the main point or topic sentence of the paragraph. Ideas are interesting and creative, showing thoughtful reflection.

Logic and main points (15)

Ideas flow logically. Arguments are easily identifiable. Good use is made of counterarguments to show the limits of the thesis. Main points are connected to the overall thesis.

Mechanics (10)

Sentence structure is appropriate for the course level. Grammar and punctuation are free of major errors. There is no puffy or artificial language. The essay is understandable and readable.

Citations (10)

Citation style is clear. All references are cited (in the text and in the bibliography).