wireless warehouse initiative project discussion

Week 3 begins with an individual assignment. Please note that you will use the project that you chose from the comparison of 2 different projects in week 1. Contained herein is a Stakeholder Analysis document that you should use for the assignment.

Instructions – Using the project you selected in Week 1:

“Define the Success Criteria, Benefit Triggers/Value, Flexibility Matrix, Boundaries for the Scope, Requirements, and the Stakeholder Expectations.” (complete the stakeholder analysis, to the extent possible) for the case you are recommending from the analysis in Week 1.

  1. There should be ONE main document with headings for these various categories. You can use word tables or excel spreadsheets (separate attachment or embedded) and narrative paragraphs with bullet lists as appropriate. Walk through the case to understand the content required and complete it to the best of your ability with the information you have. The Stakeholder Expectations are included in this document; the stakeholder analysis is not.
  2. The Stakeholder Analysis is a separate document (spreadsheet) that will be uploaded separately. The Stakeholder Expectations (and your approach for managing them) would be in the main document.
  3. Please feel free to utilize or reference any of the reading materials to substantiate your content.
  4. There is not a specific page requirement for this assignment because I can not judge the page equivalent for when you are incorporating tables and graphs. But consider what you would hand into a Boss…are you presenting a strong case?
  5. Include an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph in the main document but do NOT provide a definition of each item; for example, list the Success Criteria for the case but do not define what the meaning of Success Criteria is.

NOTE: Format: Double line spacing between paragraphs but single spacing within the paragraph, 11-point Times Roman, 1-inch margins. Please use footnotes or end-notes and citations as well as 12-14 point font + bold for headings and subheadings.