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Without revealing personal information, was this assignment useful to you? - Freshman Essays

Without revealing personal information, was this assignment useful to you?

1.I attached the self-assessment questions and how other and person respond to that question, so you can see the example and according to that create respond for me.

2.Also, please respond to that example in well develop paragraph.


This assignment was useful to me, because it opened my eyes to the different real-life situations/questions I can be exposed to on a daily basis. Before, I have never been straight up asked a question about attitudes, beliefs, or viewpoints. After this assignment, I was able to note down my thoughts, for those situations, how they are currently. After more experience with not only the class, but the field overall, it will be interesting to see whether or not the answers to those question will change or not. Some questions were easier to answer while others seemed as if there can be multiple things I would do or combine one choice to another. I found it important, because it shows me that I would need to focus on what I strongly believe in- versus something I just think is “right” or what “others think is right” to be able to handle any situation in an appropriate manner.

Knowing oneself is important, and being able to distinguish which answer is most relatable to me is definitely also useful, because it shows me who I am when I look back at my answers and attempt to picture these as real-life instances.

Need good grammar and punctuation.