Women Attending Colleges During the late 19th Century

During the late 19th Century, women began to seek greater improvement in their lives, including higher education. More women began to attend universities and colleges; some attended traditional men’s colleges, but many were turned away or felt unwelcome in all-male institutions. As a result, several women’s colleges would begin to form, such as Wellesley, Mount Holyoke, and Vassar.

For this Unit 2 Assignment, you will examine the experiences of women attending universities and colleges for the first time. There are two parts to this Assignment: An analysis portion in which you will provide an analysis based on your Unit 2 Reading of higher education opportunities for women during this time period, and a reflection portion in which you will reflect on similarities and differences between your college experiences and those of women between 1870 and 1910.

Part I: Analysis portion of the Assignment: What was the purpose of women’s colleges? What were some of the challenges women encountered in attending universities and colleges? Address the Unit 2 Reading material, emphasizing material regarding women’s higher education opportunities.

Part II: Reflection portion of the Assignment:

Reflect on the impact women’s ability to receive a college education would have on their personal lives. How has pursuing your college degree been significant in your own experiences? Provide at least two examples of how you are able to connect to the experiences of a woman attending university for the first time.

APA formatting:

Connections to the Unit 2 Reading material are required for this Assignment. Be sure to include parenthetical citations and references; formatting for citations and reference entries should follow the APA 6th edition style guide, which is available under Course Resources via the APA Quick Reference Guide link.

Word Count:

The Assignment should be at least 500 words, and should employ connections to the Unit 2 Reading material. You should follow the Unit 2 Assignment template in Course Documents. Use APA formatting, including parenthetical citations and references, and structure your thoughts in essay format, including an introductory paragraph and thesis statement, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Please follow all the directions and make sure the paper is written in APA format here is the book we are using Through Women’s Eyes: An American History with Documents Edition: 4th (2016) Author: Ellen Carol Dubois, Lynn Dumenil Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin’s and the chapters we looked at this week are 6&8