Workplace Issues Individual issues: Job satisfaction, psychology homework help

This assignment has to be 10-15 pages in length with 7 sources no older than 2010. References must be written in correct APA format. NO DIRECT QUOTES or PLAGIARISM; I WILL CHECK!!! The assignment should reflect the area of I/O psychology (Workplace). The use of “In this case” or “the” should not be utilized that much in the assignment. Please read to yourself before submitting to me. If it does not make sense, I have to redo it which negates me paying you. The assignment details and rubric are attached. PLEASE FOLLOW THE RUBRIC AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS!!! For Individual issues: Job satisfaction; assessment is Job Satisfaction Survey; Group issue: Communication, please find an assessment for this issue; Organizational issue: employee turnover, please find an assessment for this issue.