worksheet, The Odyssey

Odyssey Online’s: Greece. Read “Gods, Goddesses & Heroes” and “Epics & Actors.” Feel free to read more, but those two sections are required.

Begin by reading though this site that summarizes the epic for you.


1- Myths were told or written to answer what questions? give 3 questions

2 – Give one example of something a myth might explain.

3- Use your own words; do not just copy the website, What were the gods like?

4- Briefly summarize the story of Odysseus and Polyphemus

5- What is the original meaning of the word “theater”?

6- Before theaters were built, how were stories shared?

7- Explain Dionysos’s relationship with theater.

8- List the three forms of ancient drama.

9- Describe the god Dionysos.