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  • How has sport influenced how you think and what you do in daily life?
  • Has playing competitive organized sport built character in you as a person, please explain?
  • Do players have any ethical obligations to their sport, their fans, and the media, please explain?

– Fifty or 60 years ago, most Americans perceived regular participation in exercise and sport to be exclusive of young people engaged in school or professional sport. Today, large numbers of people pursue such activities throughout much of their lives. In your opinion what historical events and social changes in our society are responsible for this? Have attitudes in your own family seen a shift towards this, please explain?

Research indicates that people’s level of education is clearly tied to participation in physical activity. Some studies have shown that highly educated groups were up to 3.1 times more likely to be active compared the lower educated groups. Salaried professionals are much more likely to exercise and participate in programs compared to their hourly co-workers. What do you think the reasons are behind this? Please explain and give multiple explanations for your response.

Think about a skill you like and do well, for example, dribbling a basketball. How did you learn to complete whatever skill you have with more coordination and ease? What types of practice experiences worked best for you? How did you learn to coordinate movements of your feet, your hands, and the ball, racket, bat, object, etc.? Remember those early years when you were slow at that skill, could not complete it perfectly, or you lost control a lot. How did your brain and body adjust so you could get better?

  • Research had identified several differences in personality characteristics between successful and unsuccessful athletes. How can we teach and instill in children these characteristics? Please give me an example of how you would work on developing each of the six characteristics if you were a teacher or coach?

Please do some research outside of this book on the Fosbury Flop. Like the Fosbury Flop, what are some other examples of sports in which dramatic changes in technique produced dramatic improvement in performance?

  • If you are currently working out or have been involved in a workout program in the past, what changes in your body have you noticed as a result of these exercises? Have these changes made you feel better physically and emotionally? Do you feel like these changes might improve your academic performance?