World War 2

1.What impact did Mussolini’s actions in the Mediterranean have on Hitler’s plans? Why did Hitler tolerate this?

2.Now that you have read through a few chapters of Keegan’s coverage of the fighting in the East, as well as various first-person accounts of Soviet soldiers, share a brief summary of your subject’s experiences. We will be using the I Remember (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. website; Fedor Bachurin, Dmitrii Krutskikh, Rem Ulanov, Dmitriy Loza, Semion Chumanov, Yurii Khukhrikov, Mikhail Lukinov, Yurii Koriakin, Eugenii Monyushko, Shutz Gennadii, Josef Finkelshteyn, Nikolai Dupak, Natalia Peshkova, Vladimir Dolmatov, Mariana Milyutina

3.Contrast the war production of Great Britain with Russia. How did the type of each economic system affect/effect their war production?

Keegan pages 127-239


-One paragraph per question

-Book attached

-Use book attached

-100 words per question so a total of 300 combined with all 3 questions