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write a 250 word each of the two subjects given below. - Freshman Essays

write a 250 word each of the two subjects given below.

Each student must start at least two new discussion threads in which he/she summarizes something learned about U.S. History between 1976 and 2010. Suggested topics may include the economic stagflation in the 1970s, detente, the energy crisis and oil embargoes, the increasing complexity of U.S. relations with the Middle East, the inflammation and then sudden end of the Cold War, the increasing diversity of the U.S., the increasing participation of women in the workplace and political life, the increasing pace of technological change, the economic boom of the 1990s and economic decline of the 2000s, the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks, the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the 2008 election of Barack Obama, and the obesity epidemic.Your new discussion threads each should make some kind of argument about a particular issue, and each argument should be based on specific historical evidence from the textbook and/or video lessons. Your first post in the two discussion threads you create should be at least 250 words, written in complete sentences. Then, make a substantive reply to three other students’ discussion threads within this Discussion Forum. Write your five posts (two original threads and three replies) in complete sentences using standard English, and please be respectful and thoughtful in your replies