Write a story set in a city of the future.

Needs to be to be two pages and have to include 5 words from this list:

A: abhor, abjure, abrogate, acclimate, accolade, acquit, acrimony, adapt, agile,alacrity, ambivert, anathema, anomaly, aporia, ardent, askew, authentic

B: bedazzle,behoove,benevolent,biodiversity, biodegradable, bloviate, bobsy-die, bradycardia

C: candor,cartography, cathartic, chortle, coagulate, collassol, codswallop, confabulate, convalesce, covenant, cantankerous

D: delve, diffusion, discomfit, disabuse, dubious

E : enhance, entropy, epidemic, eponym, eschew, etymology, euphoria exuberant, epiphany

F: frabjous

G: gallivant, gelid

H: hangry

I: inconspicuous, inculcate, intrepid, insolent, instauration, implementation

J: jargon, juggernaut,


L: linguistics

M: mansuetude, mind-boggling, misnomer, morbid

N: neologism, nostalgia

O: obfuscate,omnipotent, opulence, overwhelm,

P:peristalsis, plain-spoken,plateau ploitering, portmanteau, predator, premonition, pusillanimous, picturesque


R: radar, radius, recidivate

S: sagacious, serotonin, sherpa, subdue

T: Temerity, trope

U: uproar, undisputed

V: vague, velocity, veracity, vitriolic, vivisection