write a written publication as John “jack” reed on suffrage, labor, and women voting.

write the publication as the character which is john “jack” reed.

follow the instructions on the prompt below.

Coverage of Topic and Staying true to your time period Don’t include contemporary ideas or language. Topic is adequately covered and explained. All major issues relevant to the topic have been addressed and discussed. Ideas within the paper are presented clearly and are organized in a logical and straightforward manner.

Analysis of topic/Argument Materials and topics not listed, but discussed. Discussion of material is insightful and complex: synthesizing argument and conceptual understanding of course materials. Tips: You’re either going to be arguing for or against something—Prove your argument!

Use of class materials and/or your primary document : Minimum of three references. Tips: use multiple sources, use full quotes, fully cite sources DON’T: use quotes that have NOTHING to do with what you are discussing. DON’T: quote 2-5 words—that isn’t a quote; it’s a theft of words from their original context. DON’T: get all your sources from the same pages!

use the file below titled john “jack” reed to know about her.

write as I john “jack” reed not about her.

use the textbook to reference.

state what is john “jack” reed point of view on suffrage, labor, and women’s write to vote.