write an essay

Working in groups is essential to any job or academic experience. This class group work is paramount as I believe that the strategies utilized to be successful in a team/group is also critical in life. Virtual Learning 1 is all about working in groups!!

Write an essay describing your experience working in groups (5 Paragraphs). Share what aspects of the experience was successful and what aspects was not successful. What are characteristics of a good group? What are characteristics of a good group member? What kind of experience do you want to create for your peers this semester when working in a group? What are key factors “rules” that must be present for your group to be successful? What are the risks of groups members not being fully engaged?

Grammar, spelling, sentence structure and clear concise writing counts for this assignment. Safe Assign will be checked…if you have more than 25% of your content from a source that is not cited you will earn a “ZERO”.