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write an essay about an experience that you had and changed your view world - Freshman Essays

write an essay about an experience that you had and changed your view world

You each have had experiences that changed the way you view the world. In this essay, I want you to tell me about one event that occurred within a twenty-four hour period that changed your life. I want to experience this event as you experienced it, so walk me through it step-by-step. A successful essay will use a combination of the techniques described in Chapter 2 of The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing, such as representations of conversations, active verbs to move the essay along, strong, specific details, and strong story-telling to create a world in which the reader feels what you intend the reader to feel. I also expect to see your world-view changed in some way by the end of the essay. This essay must be at least three pages long, be set in double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font with one-inch margins, and your name, my name, and your course must appear in the top left-hand margin on the first page only. All subsequent pages must be noted with your last name and all pages must be numbered.


Information about me that you might need to finish the essay:

My name is Ahemd Alkhalil 23 years old, from saudi arabia.

studying in the USA for 3 years.



English is my second language

Majoring in software engneering