Write an essay on safety on college campuses for me and women

Write an essay on safety on college campuses for men and women (one in three college women may experience some form of assault during their college careers). An essay of 1100 – 1150 words. FONT: ARIAL SIZE: 12

****Number of Pages do not matter. Just needs to reach at least 1100-1150.

Essay #3, Proposing a Solution

In this essay, you will introduce and recommend a solution to a significant problem that you feel that those who have the authority to deal with it have not addressed fully and support your choice as being the most rational, plausible, feasible, and ethical resolution to the problem. Begin by defining the problem and establishing that it is real, propose a solution and argue for it, and consider and address counterarguments.Organize your essay and use transitions to tie your sentences and paragraphs together. You must submit a final essay of 1100 – 11500 words. If you choose to use sources, you must cite them correctly, using MLA format. Consider accessing sources (In general, these would be .gov., .mil, .edu., and possibly, .org) Do not cite from sources such as Wikipedia.