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Creative Response to Afrofuturism: Final Assignment in lieu of Meeting Friday, August 4th

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EN 230-OL2, Summer 2017

Creative Response Assignment Sheet (20% of final grade)

Nota Bene: Change from syllabus à It is not required to attend an in-person presentation on Friday, August 4th. This meeting is cancelled. Unless you have made travel arrangements to be here. If that is the case, please email or call me to let me know.

Due Date: This assignment is due by 10 p.m. on Friday, August 3th

Purpose of the Assignment:

  • To demonstrate your own creative interests, talents, and how you might engage expressively with one of the works of literature assigned this semester.
  • To practice thinking “out of the box” about one of the works we read this semester and the themes we explored in discussion posts, exams, and the essays you wrote.


  • Create something in response to one of the assigned works of literature, videos, or films listed on the syllabus and in the modules on Canvas.
  • Your own creative response can take the form of a poem, a short story, a painting, a choreographed dance, a recorded song, or use some other medium that I have not listed here.
  • Make a film using your computer or phone in which you show me what you created, explain why, and make connections to the work of literature or art that inspired you.
  • Your film should be at least 5 minutes

Submission Procedure:

  • Save your film and upload it to either Vimeo or YouTube. Or post it as an accessible file to Canvas.
  • All students in the class will post to a Discussion Board so that we can watch each other’s work.
  • The Canvas Discussion Board where you should post your video is titled, “Creative Response to Afrofuturism: Final Assignment in lieu of Meeting Friday, August, 4th.”
  • When you post your video, just write a final note to the class as well as a sentence or two explaining what you created in the text box for your individual post.
  • If you have any technical difficulties, email your video to me or a picture of what you created.

Please let me know if you have any questions!!