Write only 11 definition and each definition will be one paragraph long and cite, please

Explain 11 of these concept/issue clearly. specific reference to readings and cite specific pages. the books are: Religions of Africa by Lawson

Of Water and The Spirit by Malidoma Some

Christianity, Development and Modernity in Africa by Paul Gifford

Christianity, Islam, and Orisa Religion by J.D.Y. Peel

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

West African Traditional Religion by Kofi Asare opoku

* Sufi




* Digui


* Al Baraka





* Bongo Spring

*Sanga Boto





*Mourides Brotherhoods

*Ahmadu Bamba

*Tabula Rasa

*Donna Beatrice

* “A women gave birth to a king”

* “The White Man’s grave”

* “Virgin Water”