Write your own version of a fairy tell?

Writing Assignment: Thurber

Earlier in this unit, you had some fun with a fairy tale or nursery rhyme. Now you will have more fun, but in a different way. First of all, do a web search for a very short story by James Thurber titled “The Little Girl and the Wolf.” It is a spoof on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Then do a web search for Fractured Fairy Tales, which are taken from an old cartoon show called Rocky and Bullwinkle. Now that you have gotten the idea, take a familiar story and write your own version on it. You can take away the fairy tale ending and replace it with a more realistic one, as Thurber did, or you can simply play with the story a little, as is done in the fractured fairy tales. You can choose to have a moral, as Thurber did, but it is not necessary.

As you do this, keep two things especially in mind. These will be the most important factors in your grade.

  1. Use the techniques you have learned in this section to make the best possible word choices.
  2. Use conversation in your story. Go back to the Conventions unit to make sure you can use quotation marks correctly.