writing 5 pages in peace studies

The purpose of this assignment is to assess students’ understanding of course material and their ability to apply it critically through an analysis of a non-violent, social movement organization (SMO). Students will be required to research and analyze a contemporary social movement organization working for peace, social justice, and/or human rights by collecting information on the organization and analyzing it through course materials/concepts Social movement organizations that are eligible for research/analysis are listed below. Data may be drawn from online sources and/or face-to-face interactions. Drawing upon these resources, papers must explain and contextualize the organization as well as analyze it using relevant course material. The draft must be at least 5 pages (1250 words). I will upload the proposal ( American For Safe ) and and first draft ( social movement ) that this paper assignment follow them and talk about the same Subject ( topic ). This paper assignment must be 8 sources. I will post all of them