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Writing a research paper - Freshman Essays

Writing a research paper

You are required to do one RESEARCH paper (an experiment, survey, correlational study or naturalistic observation) I will return the paper to you on the day of the Final. I will provide you with suggestions, instructions and a sample report. Your project/report must be at least 7 pages , not including the title page and bibliography. It must be typed; 12 point font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins all around (including the top). Spacing should be 1.5. I WILL NOT accept late papers unless there is a documented emergency . The topic is (Drug use) Do a confidential survey about drug use—both recreational and hardcore. Find out what drugs/alcohol subjects have tried, when was the first time they experimented, what caused them to experiment, did they move on to “harder drugs,” do they still use, what’s the reason they still use, how often, are they worried, has it affected their lives, did their parents/older siblings use, how did they feel about that, how would they feel if their younger siblings/children used drugs, what treatment have they tried, how long have they been clean and sober, how did they do it, etc. Separate based on age, gender, etc.

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