17 historical questions answered each in a paragraph.

Please answer each question with a paragraph. Also at the end of the information you’ll see useful terms.

Brinkley American History, 14th Ed. Vol. II Chps.15-20.

(15.1) Discuss the Reconstruction plans: The Issues, Pres. Lincoln’s 10% plan, Wade-Davis Bill, Pres. Johnson, and Congressional Radical Republicans. Why would none of these be effective?

(15.2) Describe Reconstruction governments; How were the southern states ‘redeemed’, how did Jim Crow perpetuate inequality, discrimination, and segregation for African Americans in the South.


(16.1) How were the Chinese ‘appreciated’ and ‘despised’ in America in the 19thC? How did they react?

(16.2) Compare the mining, cattle, and farming industries and their influence in the West.

(16.3) How did White Americans ensure that Native Americans were not an obstacle to the spread of white society in the West?


(17.1) Discuss the rise of industrial technologies: steel, petroleum, airplanes, automobiles, and railroads.

(17.2) How did the ‘captains of industry’ defend the new corporate economy: discuss Survival of the Fittest, Self Made Man, the Gospel of Wealth, and problems of monopoly.

(17.3) Discuss the rise of the industrial worker, efforts to unionize, labor unrest, and strikes.


(18.1) Why were cities an ‘attraction’ to people who came to them? What was the ethnic city, what

challenges did immigrants face, how did immigrants assimilate or did they?

(18.2) Discuss the strains of urban life: fire & disease, environmental degradation, urban poverty, & crime & violence.


(19.1) Examine issues of the time: trusts, tariffs, & silver vs. gold. Discuss 1896 presidential election: candidates/issues.

(19.2) Why was there an agrarian revolt? Discuss the Grangers, Farmers Alliances, and Populism.

(19.3) Why and how did America expand overseas and become an ‘imperialist’ nation in the post Civil War period to the early years of the 20thC?


(20.1) Discuss key beliefs of Progressivism. Why did Progressives focus on reforms in politics & society?

(20.2) How did the temperance crusade, immigration restrictions, & Socialism reflect societal ills of the time?

(20.3) Compare and contrast Pres. T. Roosevelt and Pres. W. Wilson’s domestic Progressive policies. Who was more ‘Progressive’ and why?


Glossary Terminology: ( ) denote Chapter for Glossary terms

(15)The Lost Cause, Black Codes, 14th and 15th Amendments, Scalawags, Carpetbaggers, Compromise of 1877, Crop-Lien System, KKK Acts, Booker T. Washington (16) Homestead Act, Rocky Mtn. School, Myth of Cowboy (17)Social Darwinism, Moving Assembly Line, Research and Development (18)Skyscraper, Simon Patten, Ashcan School, Pragmatism, Machine and the Boss, Chain Stores, Mail-Order Houses, Nativism, Land-Grant Institutions (19)Pendleton Act, Sherman Anti-Trust Act 1890, Mary E. Lease, Panic of 1893, Coxey’s Army, Alfred Mahan (20)Muckrakers, Jane Addams and Hull House, Robert LaFollette, 18th Amendment, National American Woman Suffrage Association, 19th Amendment, Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, W.E.B. DuBois, Eugene Debs, Wobblies, Louis Brandeis