Impact of events and change

400-500 word APA Format. At least 3 references……..This week’s readings looked at the unknown, the uncertain and the counter-intuitive. With this perspective in mind what catastrophic event or change lies in the near future for the United States? Identify a potential problem area for U.S. interests that might otherwise be ignored because conventional wisdom and status quo make considering a change impossible. (This could be a Black Swan or Strategic Surprise type of event). The event or change should involve a negative impact to U.S. military, informational, diplomatic/political, and/or economic interests. It does not have to involve a military/terrorist action. You may also discuss technological, informational, political, or economic changes too. You must support your assessment with data that points to this event/change being a conceivable outcome based on what is known today. An example might be the New Madrid Fault. (Have you heard of that issue before???)