Address 2 questions below and give opinion

  • Concisely review the four theories offered in this chapter that explain why there are gaps between nations’ economic developments and resulting global inequality: market-oriented theory, dependency theory, world-systems theory, and state-centered theory. Briefly discuss the distinctive characteristics of each theory and how each differs from the others. Which theory do you feel offers the most explanatory power to addressing economic developmental gaps?
  • This chapter states that global economic inequality has personal relevance and importance to people in advanced, affluent economies. Briefly review this argument. Explain carefully whether you were persuaded by it.
  • Do you believe that apps can play an effective role in solving some of the problems of global inequality? Why or why not? Can you think of an app that would help solve some of the problems of global inequality that you read about in this chapter?
  • What causes global inequality? How can it be overcome?
  • What does rapid globalization mean for the future of global inequality?

At least 300 words