Advanced Qualitative Reasoning and Analysis Wk11


Assignment: Final Project Step VI

The Final Project: Building a Qualitative Research Plan document in the Learning Resources contain the instructions for organizing the work you produced in Steps I through V. Be sure to incorporate revisions to your work based on feedback from your Instructor and classmates.

For Step VI, you are now asked to take a step back and reflect on the social change potential for your proposed research study.

You are a scholar-practitioner embarking on a research study within the context and proud tradition of Walden University’s mission of social change. How will your proposed research contribute to Walden’s mission of social change?


Reflect on your next steps in preparation for the beginning of your capstone. Respond to the following prompts:

Progress: What progress have you made in developing your idea for a research topic for your capstone? What have you learned from the course that has contributed to your clarity?

Problems: What obstacles have you discovered in the process of developing your research topic in this course? What still remains unknown or unclear?

Plans: What are you planning as the next step for transitioning into the capstone process? Who or what resources do you think will be important in creating a research proposal that meets the criteria for quality?