All expertise and authority should be questioned continuously, philosophy homework help

The following is what my professor requires for this essay, “Essay should focus on a single idea or issue, clearly stating your position at the beginning and then using evidence and reasoning to support your position. You are welcome to use your own life experience, current events, historical examples, or examples from fiction, but make sure it is relevant to your argument. I am looking for creative and critical thinking, not a report summarizing the material we study. Remember to use examples from the lectures, reading and your life experience, but also remember to focus on developing your own thought and argument rather than taking time and space repeating what has already been argued and written by others. “

The topic of the essay is “Should all expertise and authority be questioned continuously?”. Then I need to take a position in this issue, for example, I think all expertise and authority should be questioned continuously. There should be a clear argument or thesis statement in the introduction paragraph, and use examples to support my argument. I will add the files of lectures and readings that are from my class.

The essays question is from Heraclitus’s thought, so it is imortant to read the lecture “Greek Thought, the Presocratics & Heraclitus” and the reading “Heraclitus” that are in the attachments for writing the essay.