Cryptocurrency – paper 1200-1400 words

I want my paper about Crypto-currencies (digital currencies) I have started the introduction of the paper and attached it. I want you to complete and fix the introduction and write a paper using the following organization. It should be an unbiased paper.

– Introduction:

  • Background information about cryptocurrency.
  • Historical context- past and present
  • Usage of cryptocurrency
  • Mention the Stakeholders
  • Dangers of cryptocurrency and the modern conspiracy
  • Thesis statement

– Stakeholder #1 – Background information – history – why the investment or involvement in this market?

– Stakeholder #2 – same as above

– Similarities between both – What they have in common, dates in when they joined the market.

– Create a compromise – How they can compromise, valid reasoning, politically valid and unlawful.

– Conclusion – based on the thesis

Project Assignment

You will write an essay of 1200-1400 words based on the following requirements:

  1. analyze two stakeholders with seemingly incompatible goals regarding the same issue or topic
  2. provide background on the stakeholders (context)
  3. include a thesis that presents the point of contention between the stakeholders and explains a proposed compromise
  4. identify why these two stakeholders have not yet come to a resolution
  5. establish common ground between these two stakeholders
  6. propose one specific, concrete solution by considering
    • the stated goals and concerns of both stakeholders,
    • current or past solutions, and
    • the feasibility of your solution’s implementation
  7. defend this solution as a workable compromise
  8. incorporate at least five sources:
    • at least one primary source material from each two stakeholders being discussed (i.e., information from the stakeholder websites, etc.)
    • at least one credible, scholarly source for each stakeholder that supports the validity of the stakeholder’s position
    • at least one credible, scholarly source that supports the viability of your proposed compromise