Discussion about Public Policy

What Is Public Policy?

The study of public policy has long been a catch-all that includes the disciplines of political science, government, statistics, program evaluation, public administration, economics, and policy analysis. It was thought, with justification, that public policy was an interdisciplinary study, rather than a single discipline. Today, many of America’s outstanding universities offer coursework in the above areas as part of a public policy degree, and many public-sector positions require such degrees.

Should the study of public policy be combined with other academic disciplines (e.g., economics, political science) or be considered a separate area of study? Are there reasons for studying public policy as a separate entity? What might be the benefits and limitations of treating this discipline as a separate study?

The assignments requirements are:

1-1.5 pages

Must include:

1. An analysis of your position on whether public policy should be a separate area of study.

2. Justify your position.

***Be specific and cite the Learning Resources in your post.

You must have access to the assigned book and cite in the paper.

Anderson, J. E. (2015). Public policymaking: An introduction (8th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.

  • Chapter 1, “The Study of Public Policy” (pp. 1–36)
  • Chapter 2, “The Policy-Makers and Their Environment” (pp. 78–86)