what needs to be done in my community?

You have learned that critical thinking is beneficial to you in school, your career field, and your personal life. Now, before this course ends, it’s time to put your critical thinking skills to use for the betterment of your community.

For this final assignment, ask yourself what needs to be done in my community? Thinking critically about the end result you are hoping to achieve, work backwards through the steps needed and develop a plan of action that could potentially result in you meeting your goal.

For example, your community may need more police presence to stop drivers speeding through quiet neighborhoods. How would you argue the case? Would you try to reach the public, the city council, local news channels? What evidence would you provide? What obstacles would you face to getting this done?

Submission Criteria
Write a 250-500 word paper in Word format. Use the following file-naming convention: Lastname_FirstInitial_Week 11_Assignment.doc.