writing essay information on the use of autonomous machines and artificial intelligence

The following folder contains information on the use of autonomous machines and artificial intelligence. For the final exam, each student will develop a 4-6 page position paper to illustrate the positive and/or negative consequences of these technologies. Since both of these concepts are linked to each other, the student can develop the position paper around everyday uses of these future technologies, the implications for future work, or how the military might utilize these technologies. Clearly there are many more possibilities to developing this paper, and you can explore other implications that I have not illustrated. Please note, while the resources provided tend to note more of the negative aspects associated with artificial intelligence, there are many positives that can result for humankind. This position paper must be submitted to the dropbox contained within this folder by December 8th. Remember to only submit a Microsoft Word document.using APA style and please do your best because this is a final draft and also check for grammar and plagiarism.