1200 Word essay on Meal Prepping for healthy lifestyle

Must be written in 3rd party!! Must follow have outline (see example) and reference page with 4 references in APA Format.

Overview and Requirements

In your academic, personal, and professional lives, being able to effectively solve a problem is an essential skill. Using what you’ve learned in weeks one and two, it is now time to put your newly polished skills to work.

Assignment Prompt

1.) For this essay, you are required to:

  • write about any problem that is of interest to you, and
  • propose a new solution that will work to solve part or all of the problem.

IMPORTANT: You should select a problem that you can successfully define and analyze and propose and defend a solution for in a minimum of 1,200 words. For example, world poverty is too broad of a topic for an essay of this length, but poverty in Cleveland is a manageable topic.

2.) Your essay must do the following (based on the Dewey Sequence):

  • Define the problem
  • Analyze the problem
  • Propose a solution
  • Defend the proposed solution and address any potential objections

3.) Your essay must include the following:

  • An introduction with a hook (review Hooks and Attention Grabbers for examples) and strong thesis statement
  • Developed body paragraphs with strong topic sentences, cited support, and concluding sentences
  • At least 4 unique sources, cited and referenced properly in APA style (no more than 20% of essay consists of quoted text)
  • A word count of 1,200 words, at a minimum (excludes cover page and references page)