Art Appreciation

You will make your blog. A short statement to record what it is about the image that has captured your attention must be added to the blog entry. You should be able to relate the images to the class topics. The reasoning for the project is to open your eyes to visual images and to develop understanding of the terms we are learning as they apply to real life.

You can use any source for your images: online, scanned images of your own, or photos you take yourself. The images you post should relate in some way to the unit’s vocabulary and terms. Write a few words about the image in relation to the unit vocabulary (ex: line, shape, contour drawing, figurative sculpture.)

Unit One (First Five Questions/PICTURES)
Look for relationships in the images you find to post that relate to the Formal Elements of unit one’s visual art terms: line, shape, color, texture, spacial qualities and composition. Tell us about it.

Unit Two ( Next Five Questions/PICTURES) Total 10 PICTURES WITH 10 DESCRIPTION

Look for relationships in the images you choose that relate to the Unit Two art terms, more formal elements: texture, positive negative space, mass, volume, scale, proportion, rhythm, symmetry, composition, etc.

Examples of some blogs attached