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Name of author, description of author’s background, date and context of publication (if not the textbook)

• Summary of assigned reading.

• A discussion of how this reading expands, challenges, applies to the study of visual culture. Did this reading make you think about art in a different way? If yes, how? if not, why not? To be successful in this discussion, please present at least three properly attributed artworks (from the course reading or another reliable source (not tumblr) as examples.

2 paragraphs

Exemplary Presentations Will:

• Make interpretive claims based in verifiable, fact-based history, using citations of reliable sources used as references.

• Make connections between the concepts addressed in the assigned reading and other course materials

• Explore and address scholarship which supports or refutes the views asserted in assigned reading

• Make connections between the assigned reading and current events, personal, or public.

• Critically interpret the assertions of the assigned author or set of ideas, while remaining conscious of the framings of time and cultural perspective. i.e.. how does this reading or set of ideas reflect a specific historical or epistemological context?