Discussion question The Writing Process and You

In this week’s SCOOP I explain first and third person point of view (POV) and explain the three important parts to an introduction.

I also give you a list of transitional expressions and their meanings as well as discuss what target audience is.


The Writing Process and You

Review the steps of the writing process. (We will be learning even more about this process in the coming weeks.)

  1. What part of the process do you think is most helpful? Why?
  2. Which part of the writing process do you need the most support with? Why?
  3. What surprised you about Kim Coles and her experience with writing?
  4. Your Mindset – Share a positive mindset statement demonstrating how you have shown perseverance and effort in this class.

After reading Chapter 3 and my SCOOP, answer the following questions:

  1. Write one sentence using BOTHfirst-person and third-person points of view. Then, label each one correctly.
  2. Review a fellow student’s point of view answer to #5. Did the student correctly use first and third-person POV’s in one sentence? Did s/he label each one correctly? Be both positive and helpful feedback.