eddl 614 Concordia Leadership Influence – Chain of Command Reflection Paper

Leadership Influence

This week you have created a list of factors that may assist you in attracting or retaining current and potential partners in your school community. You collaborated with a classmate who provided you with additional insights of your investigation, as well as prompting your participatory collaboration in enhancing your understanding of considerations in developing and initiating the creation of a greater community. Lastly, you shared insights with classmates regarding the “Chain of Command” (E. Pinchot & Pinchot, 2003, p. 46) leadership style.

Prepare a two- to three-page scholarly reflection paper, using course resources, and respond to the following questions regarding this week’s learning activities. Support your statements with evidence from the required studies, other research sources, and from your experience.

  1. In what ways has this week’s learning experiences changed or affirmed your views and opinions of “Chain of Command” leadership?
  2. What did you find were essential ingredients in attracting and retaining school community partners?
  3. Based on your learning opportunities this week, what specific community partner “attractors” identified by Sanders (2006) will you pursue this school year?
  4. What new insights did you gain this week that could affect your role in developing a plan to actively attract and retain community partners for your school community?

Support your statements with evidence from the required studies, your research, and your experience. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

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