eng215 week 9 discussion RESPONSE b.t.

Respond in 5 sentences or more.

The site that I have chosen for improving not only punctuation but various other writing skills is Grammarly. I have chosen this site because I have personally used it for this class and I have noticed a vast improvement with my writing skills. It was recommended to me to use in the class overview as well as other Strayer students. One beneficial activity a student can access is that you are able to drag and drop text to check spelling and punctuation which can be easily missed. The next beneficial activity a student can access through Grammarly is a plagiarism detection service. This is crucial to ensure that you are not including a segment of text that could be perceived as plagiarism and allows you to check before you submit your assignment. The third and final beneficial activity a student can access on Grammarly is options of word choice which has benefited me the most. This can assist with context and fragment issues. Grammarly makes it easy to install on your computer or laptop that way it can check the above items automatically without going to their site as their site only supports Chrome.